Dieci Uomo Classic Facial  50 min | $100

If you’ve never experienced a facial, this one is the perfect start.  This facial addresses the specific skin needs of men such as ingrown hairs, razor burn, and stubborn debris. This introductory facial includes cleansing, steaming, light extraction, and soothing massage.


Dieci Uomo Signature Facial  50 min | $120

For the discerning gentleman who is concerned about the effects of aging this customized facial uses our professionally formulated Dieci Signature Products to repair damaged skin.  After sitting with a customized masque, LED light therapy is used to penetrate our peptide reparative serum to the deeper layers of skin.   This facial smooths skin texture and minimizes the appearance of fine lines.  The result is healthy, youthful skin.




Revitalizing Organic Facial  80 min | $160

Revitalize the skin with a synergistic blend of Natural Fruit acids. This innovative treatment is suitable for all skin types and is designed to target hyper-pigmented, sun damaged, dull skin. This facial will leave your skin refreshed, toned and rejuvenated.



Acne Control Facial  50 min | $175

This facial is for those plagued by constant acne breakouts.  This treatment combined with powerful detoxifying ingredients such as lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acid treats black heads, acne, acne scarring, and dissolves impactions under the skin.  It also kills bacteria and removes surface debris.  A thorough cleansing and in depth extraction followed by a concentrated serum of Vitamins A,C, & E result in a clean radiant complexion. 




Back Facial  50 min | $110

Suffer from back acne no more!   This deep cleansing treatment removes impurities and tones the skin. First we begin with an herbal exfoliation, followed by a warm steam. Pores are then extracted and a customized mask is applied. Finish off with a moisturizer massaged
into the skin.